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Blonde Runner

     Many years ago I lost a little baby girl named Samantha. She lived only five hours. Click here to read the complete story.  It was a difficult time for me and my husband. I know the struggles faced with a loss and how difficult it can be. I wanted to do something to honor her and bring community members together to help others through the grieving process (a life-long journey I believe) so I have organized the Race For Grief event. All those that have ever lost someone; a husband, wife, parent, sister or brother, friend, baby, miscarriage, to suicide, grandparent etc are welcome to participate in the memory of their loved one.  When you have lost someone, you never forget them. This is a day to honor their memory and come together to celebrate their life.  The event will also raise funds to support local grieving programs like Caring Connections, The Sharing Place & Utah SHARE. Come join us or support a friend or family member that has lost someone. This may mean more to them than you know.  All participants are encouraged to make a bring a poster about your loved one to display at the event and a pinwheel to line the finish.   Thank you to all those that attend and support this event.  It means so much to our family!


Coach Lora Erickson

“Blonde Runner”

what to bring

Participants are encourage to make and bring a poster in remembrance of their loved one to be displayed at the event (with their name, a picture or whatever you’d like). Many groups also make shirts in memory of their loved one to run/walk in.

Pinwheels remind me of my Samantha. I missed her. All participants are invited to bring a pinwheel for each of the loved ones you will be honoring to line the finish area in addition to the poster.

This event is put on in memory of a little girl I lost – Samantha. It is not meant to be a sad event but rather a celebration of their lives and a day to honor and remember them. The West Bountiful Park venue welcomes families with playground equipment and lots of grass and covered pavilion. Blank “In Loving Memory…” bibs will also be available at the registration table to fill in with a name of your loved one and pin to your back to take them on your event journey with you. We also encourage all participants to make and bring a poster about your loved one to display at the event and a pinwheel to line the finish.


West Bountiful Park, 550 West Pages Lane (1600 North), West Bountiful Utah. The park is just west of I-15 From the North (Layton/Ogden) From the South (Salt Lake City)

Yes. We could always use a helping hand. If you would like to volunteer to help, please send a message to theblonderunner@gmail.com and we’ll put you to work.

Yes, strollers are allowed in all races.  We just ask that you line up at the back and the child stays in the stroller for the entire race for safety reasons.

Yes, children need to be registered to participate in the walk or run events unless they are young enough to stay in a stroller. 

Yes, a 10K/5K training program will be offered for those that would like help with their training (additional fees). To learn more message Coach Lora Erickson aka Blonde Runner at theblonderunner@gmail.com